Scrooser: Not Quite a Segway, Kinda Like a Vespa

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bill-swift - July 9, 2013

So you've always secretly wanted a Vespa, but then decided against it because it was too geeky. Then you considered getting a Segway, but changed your mind when you saw Justin Bieber making a total fool of himself on the damned thing. You've run out of options and you can't afford a Harley, so maybe it's time to consider getting a Scrooser.

It's a scooter, but not quite. It's almost like a Segway, but it's definitely more stable. And it's a Vespa of sorts, since it's got a motor running somewhere on the inside. But it's more like a little bit of everything since you still need to provide some foot power in order to get it up and running.

The motor acts more like a back-up accelerator, pushing the Scrooser forward by up to four times the speed you gave it by pushing off the ground with your foot. It's pretty light too, weighing in at just 61 pounds, and the extra fat tires lend some extra stability just in case you've got no sense of balance.

Check It Out: $3,950

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