Scarlett Johansson Wicked Hot With Too Much Wardrobe in Vogue Mexico

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bill-swift - November 27, 2013

Scarlett Johansson is going out strong in 2013. Already riding her Sexiest Woman Alive title from Esquire, Scarlett is also making her mark in Vogue Mexico this final month of the year, looking all kinds of crazy hot, even if adorned in far too much wardrobe. I'm not exactly sure who decides to pay Scarlett big bucks for a photoshoot then shows up with a whole bunch of covering clothing and accessory items. I suppose it's those people we call 'women'.

No man could ever conceive of covering up Scarlett to make her look better. If the magazine were Vogue by Bill, I can assure you it would feature Scarlett nekkid in the reverse crab position trying to maneuver an obstacle course of fluffy pillows and water cannons. Maybe a honey drizzle machine as well. But, no such magazine exists. Not yet. Enjoy.

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