Scarlett Johansson Drops the Mango Flavored Sexy Bomb

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bill-swift - January 31, 2011

Newly singletized Scarlett Johansson, fresh off the scars of her broken marriage, easily could've run into my arms, wide open as it turns out, but, instead, did opt to pose for Mango, some pimping styling fashion and their Spring lineup. I've got nothing against Spring, as far as seasons go, and these Scarlett Johansson pictures are freshly hot enough to probably have Ryan what's his face committed under 5150 rules for a solid 48 unquestioned hours, still, I think it's time for this sextastic divorcee to cast aside the superficiality of modern culture and take it all off. Make a statement, Scarlett. Get effin' rip roaring drunk and do something naughty on camera. It truly is the best revenge. I've got some ideas. And color-coded diagrams. Call me. And, enjoy.

Photo credit: Splash News