SayWhat App Lets You Say What You Want to Say–Before People Take Your Call (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 2, 2013

People have fallen into ditches and crashed their cars into lamp posts because they were too busy texting to pay attention to what they were doing. It's a necessary evil, texting is. And if it weren't for sexting, then I'd totally stop paying for a mobile plan with unlimited SMS.

Phone calls are the lesser evil since you just press the 'Answer' button and be done with it. When it comes to texts, you'll have to glance at your phone every few seconds or so to read or send a message--and those few seconds might just cost you your life. Now that we've established why calls are the way to go, that doesn't mean you should answer every call that comes your way, because there's still a risk that you might run someone over because you're busy gabbing away on the phone.

The sort-of solution? SayWhat.

It's an app that lets callers send a short message or emoticon to the person they're calling so that the latter will have an idea or at least a clue about what the call's going to be about. If it's an urgent call, an 'SOS!' would do. But if you're just calling to talk about some weird random sh't, then a 'LOL' would suffice, but there's a bigger chance that your call might be dropped.

But at least you won't be putting anyone's life (or car) on the line because of Snookie's huge ass.

Get It: SayWhat for Android

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