Say it Ain’t So! Chad Johnson Arrested!

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bill-swift - August 13, 2012

Apparently Chad Johnson wasn't kidding in the first episode of Hard Knocks when he promised to get arrested. Saturday night he and his wife of barely more than a month, Evelyn Lozadaof Basketball Wives fame, were arguing when Johnson is accused of head butting her. The contact resulted in a laceration on her forehead. She was treated at the hospital and released.

Johnson was arrested on domestic violence charges and taken to jail, but was able to get in front a judge today and was released on $2500 bond. He claims that the incident was an accident and that the duo simply bumped heads. That may be easier to explain than the receipt for condoms that Evelyn found in his car.

This could not come at a worse time for the man formerly known as Ochocinco. His debut with his new team was not a a shining one. Johnson had only one pass thrown his way, a short one on a 3rd and three that would have kept a drive alive.

It is only preseason so the lack of action is not something that you would normally read much into. It's rare that anyone has a good stat line in a preseason game, and it is not uncommon for a veteran to play little. However, Johnson is not in a typical veteran position here. He could easily be cut if the team loses confidence in his ability to perform.

After a poor season in New England he has something to prove. He needs to shine in what preseason action he gets to make sure the Dolphins want to hold onto him.  He's already butted heads (figuratively) with his head coach Joe Philbin after a profanity laced press conference.

Johnson can be a great PR magnet. He's proven to be a people person by taking fans out to dinner in opposing cities, flying a widow out to his wedding, and a whole host of different things. For sports fans on Twitter his account is a must follow since he is always on it and interacting with fans.

After the press conference profanity and this incident he will have to step it up on the field in order to convince the Dolphins they need to keep him. Teams are prone to cutting guys that generate bad PR and there are few things worse than being charged with hitting one's wife.

If he's catching passes though it gets a lot harder to say goodbye. Johnson has stated he wanted to play till he was 40. Should his time in Miami get derailed he might have to do like his old buddy Terrell Owens and head to the indoor league in order to do so.

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