Satan Comes To Detroit

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bill-swift - July 29, 2015

Freedom of religion is a tricky thing. Most people think that it means that you can be a Christian, a Jew, or Muslim without interference from the government. But there are a lot of other faiths out there. One of the most controversial is the Satanic religion. Some of Satan's minions decided to challenge the state of Oklahoma who had a monument with the Ten Commandments on it. They claimed that if the Judeo-Christian symbol could be displayed then they must also include other faiths, including Satanism. So, they created a large statue that shows the Baphomet form of Satan sitting on his throne while kids clamor around him. Oklahoma later ruled that the Ten Commandments monument, and there for the Baphomet, were unconstitutional. What to do with a giant statue of Lucifer?

Take it to Detroit, of course! The Motor City is the lucky recipient of the monstrous idol to the Desolate One. It's well known that Detroit has fallen on some hard times the last couple of decades and I suppose they can use all the help they can get. People have prayed to Jesus for a long time to help Detroit and it hasn't worked. Maybe what they need to do is sell their souls to Satan? It can't hurt...other than the whole going to hell thing. 

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