Sarah Hyland Young Hot Actress Storms onto Egotastic!

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bill-swift - November 6, 2010

I just can't take it any more. The mail, oh, the mail, we receive here about Sarah Hyland, young hottie of Modern Family. Where is she? Why is she not on your site? What do you think about the global conspiracy to eliminate peanut butter? We get these letters by the buttload. Seriously, that's just how Don Pedro delivers our mail, I'm not sure that's U.S. postal regulation.

And I'm glad that you all sent those letter. Sarah Hyland has this Mila Kunis super sexy brunette kitten thing going on that has me pretty damn hooked, both in these sexy red carpet premiere pictures from Due Date, and in these caps from Modern Family wherein sexy Sarah tries on various risque Halloween costumes. Oh, for the record, despite playing a sixteen year old, Sarah is actually old enough for me to say I'd really like to... well, tutor her in the ways of the making of the boot knocking. Enjoy.

Due Date premiere photos:

Sarah Hyland dressing sexy in Modern Family.

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