Sarah Hyland Sporta Bra Sex Appeal

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elliot-wolf - September 22, 2018

Sarah Hyland is my favorite thing to look at under five and a half feet. If I had to choose between submerging myself in a much needed five foot indoor pool, or sitting next to Sarah on a hot summer day, I’d choose Sarah every time. Both bodies of water, and body of Sarah, get more attractive when the temperature goes up in the summer, but Hyland offers a happiness that temporarily cooling off in a chlorinated pool cannot. Plus being around Sarah for a few hours doesn’t leave your fingers looking like prunes afterwards.

I would like to compliment Sarah on her consistency with working out. It shows commitment and dedication. I wonder if she’s in need of a trainer. Heck, I’d be her gym cheerleader if it came down to it. Rooting her on from the side of the treadmill. I know cardio can be a hassle sometimes so maybe holding up a sign on the sideline would give her the extra support she needs. I think it would work. But if it doesn’t, she would still get cardio running away from the guy at the gym holding a sign. Either way she takes it, I’d be helping her reach her goals.

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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA