Sarah Hyland Pictures Because Cuteness Deserves Its Day

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bill-swift - February 4, 2011

Yeah, yeah, so your grandmother says her friend's granddaughter is super 'cute' and you've just got to meet her. Well all know the outcome of that setup. But, dammit, Sarah Hyland is just super cute in these promotional photos for Modern Family. Okay, so I'm allowed to say hot, sexy, boobtastic, eminently boot-knockable, since this actress only portrays a teenager on Modern Family, whilst being a few years older. Still, 'cute' keeps coming to mind. And, quite frankly, if her grandmother wants to set her up with me, well, I'm all hands ears. Enjoy.

Updated to add: thank to 'Mikel W.' for throwing me a Sarah Hyland sexy bone from this recent out and about candid. This one goes beyond 'cute'.