Sarah Hyland, Jenna Dewan, and all the A-Listers at Variety’s Women in Hollywood Party

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aldo-vallon - September 18, 2018

There is a whole lotta sexy going on in these photos and I do not like knowing that there is yet another event that I missed out on. Why do these celebs feel the need to flaunt the fact they are both women and in Hollywood? I do not brag about being a man in America, even though I damn well should.

Besides, there are literally millions of women over there, I doubt they can find a venue that is big enough to fit them all, so this feels like false advertising. Would Variety legally be allowed to turn away a nobody that came in off the street so long as she had a vagina and appeared in a Colgate commercial? It feels like they really painted themselves into a corner with that name.

I would have gone with something a little more specific for a title, like, “Women in Hollywood Who Received An Invitation”. I know it is not as concise as their version, but it does cover their asses legally. But I am no copywriter, and there is probably a good reason for that.


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Photo Credit: MEGA