Sarah Hyland is Abs-olutely Sexy in Sports Bra and Fur Coat

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Mitch Jablonski - November 25, 2019

Outside of the show that made her famous, Modern Family, Sarah Hyland doesn't do much in the way of acting these days. Honestly, she gets more publicity and attention for not acting, so I don't see why she would want to bust her hump working. All Sarah Hyland has to do to get attention is to throw on a sports bra, some yoga pants, a pair of Uggs, and a fur coat and head out to the gym, and the world will stand up and take notice.

Sarah's abs are looking fantastic and good for her, she's obviously put a lot of work into getting those abs and she should be able to flaunt them whenever she likes. I don't understand the fur coat though, doesn't seem like a good message to be sending in 2019, though it's probably faux fur or some other humane horseshit I've never heard of before now.

So while we wait patiently for Sarah to resume her acting career, we can occupy our time with pictures of her going to the gym. Granted, it's not the same as a moving image, but it'll have to do in the meantime. Get back to work, Sarah, we miss you.

Photos courtesy of MEGA Agency