Sarah Hyland Freshly Blonde Skinny Hottie

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bill-swift - July 11, 2017

Granted, I could give Sarah Hyland a couple or three dozen sandwiches to bulk up her core. The girl could use a few pounds around the middle to make her seem less hungry, though I'd be hesitant to suggest any changes to this hottie's body of any substantial nature. Hot women are like classic statues. You start chipping here and there and next thing you know you no longer have a classic.

Sarah made her way out on the town in some kind of sports bra and open top, along with ripped jeans, silly stylish glasses, and her new blonde hair look. It's a thing alright. She's going through some maturing pains. If only she would work topless so we too could relieve our growing pains. She's a keeper, who needs a man who knows how to cook and has endless stamina in the making of the sexy department. I certainly can order takeout, Sarah.

Modern Family has produced a bevy of all ages of beautiful women stars onto this world. I've never seen the show myself because I can't bring myself to turn on network television outside of sporting events. But the byproduct has been most bountiful. Now then, Sarah, chicken and waffles and blogger meat? We need to get you on a routine. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid