Sarah Hyland Flashes Cleavage, We Nearly Split Into Pieces

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bill-swift - January 9, 2013

On the one hand, we want to adore and worship and hold-dear all that is young Sarah Hyland, our better angels. On the other hand, we want to ravage, ravish, and otherwise reduce ourselves to begging for a cat o' nine tails lashing from the sextastic Modern Family starlet. And after seeing these cleavetastic photos of Sarah from last night's L.A. premiere of Struck by Lightening, well, our lesser angels definitely have the upper hand.

Ever since meeting Sarah we've had a lust crush of semi-indecent proportions, and the lust merely grows stronger as the young thespianic transforms into full-fledged grown actress hottie. Will we survive the full transformation? Yeah, probably not. But we'll die happy. Enjoy.