Sara Sampaio Models Bras and Panties and Just General Smoking Hot Goodness

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bill-swift - December 25, 2014

Oh, how I do love my lovelies in lingerie. It can be ornate, but I'm just swell with the likes of Portuguese sextastic model Sara Sampaio in the bras and panties for Victoria's secret Pink collection. I'm not sure why their new line is called Pink, but if it involves passion inducing brunette hotties in little bits of underthings showing off, they could call it Liver and Broccoli and I'd still go back for seconds.

Victoria's Secret has pretty much locked up every crazy hot slender woman in the world to model their wares. There was a time they featured three or four angels, now the entire realm of smoking hot international models is in their arsenal. They're like the Microsoft of fetching girls in lingerie. They are dominating. To the victor go the spoils and to the oglers go the sweet views. I see this as a win-win provided they never stop with all the pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Victoria Secret Pink