Sara Sampaio Inspiring Sextastic for Narcisse Magazine Photoshoot

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bill-swift - October 10, 2017

When magazines list themselves as beauty and fashion magazines, I can't help but feel their two main causes are at complete odds with one another. By way of a big note, nothing is more beautiful than a devastatingly hot woman like Sara Sampaio wearing no clothes to speak of. How does fashion help beauty when it covers all the funner lady fun parts? Ah, a questions for the ages.

Sara Sampaio and her smoldering eyes and even more smoldering smoking hot body made its way to the pages of Narcisse magazine. I can tell you the better parts of Sara's allure are not the way she rocks a sweater dress. It's you imagining you took her on a weekend trip and she forgot to pack anything. Oops. Whatever shall we do?

Sara obviously can move merchandise and inspires other women with credit cards to want to look like her. Your only real options are the clothes, the hair, and the makeup. The internal-external sextastic whammy sadly is nature-gifted and remains an eternal hereditary ember passed down from generations of passion inducing women, one to the next. An inexorable chain of reproductive allure that keeps the species alive and the males specifically making horribly stupid decisions that we'd make all over again if given the chance to be with Sara Sampaio. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Narcisse Magazine