Sara Sampaio Devilishly Hot for Victoria’s Secret Boudoir Lingerie

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bill-swift - January 18, 2017

Sara Sampaio and I have always had a lust-ignore relationship. I'll leave it to you to decide who's on which end of that. It feels like forever now I've been dying on the inside and partially on the outside for this wicked hot Portuguese brunette. She's still in her sextastic prime and now finally reaching some much deserved heights of commercial success as a premiere Victoria's Secret lingerie and swimsuit model. That's the major leagues of hot body modeling.

In her latest work for the bedroom wear merchandisers, Sara shows off the simple hotness of one fine female form barely covered in lacy bits of panties and tops. It's quite an aura of tingles she creates merely by tossing her hair, staring askance and reminding you that her body would likely kill you with mere temptation before you even made it across the room to indulge in her earthly pleasures. They'd find me with my hands and tongue hanging out. I hope they fix that before granny sees me open casket. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Victoria's Secret