Sara Jean Underwood Red Cleavy and Hot in Vegas

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bill-swift - March 19, 2013

Now, that's the ticket. If you're going to pay a lady to be a super fine pimpstress for your Vegas nightclub, quit pussyfooting around with Jersey Shore cast-offs and reality show make-up cakers, and go straight to some minxy total hotness like Sara Jean Underwood. While I still remain unconvinced of the power of a celebrity promotions girl to get me to go to some club (versus the simple power of an attainable girl asking me to come anywhere with her, which I would do, without question, because I'm a guy, and stupid, and horny), if you're going to have one, get Sara Jean Underwood.

Sara Jean was just a little knockout in her cleavetastic red dress. It speaks of Vegas. Sin City. And possibilities. While your 'what happens in Vegas' may not end up being Sara Jean herself, you certainly can think of her when your 'stays in Vegas' turns out to be a BBW with a sprained elbow from yanking the nickel slots downtown. Enjoy.

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