Sara Jean Underwood Hawaiian Big’Un Funbags on Display

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bill-swift - February 22, 2017

If we don't check in with Sara Jean Underwood and her oversized yet perfect sized teats of happiness at least once a month, I start to get a bad itch. Like I'm letting the world down. Also, it's probably dander from my shedding tabby, Sir Licks-a-Lot. The joy that the mams on this blonde pixie traveler of time and space, or at least the West Coast to Hawaii, generates with a simple snap of a candid camera is beyond measure. But to try and estimate, let's say, ten million boner units. 

Sara Jean has been featuring her Hawaiian islands destination shots of late, matching her epic seductress body with very few clothes if any, and picturesque backdrops. It's rather the perfect combination. Especially all those parts that don't involve volcanoes or waterfalls. I mean, they're nice, but I can buy a postcard. My visual wonders of the world of nature all come in the form of Sara's body, on display, maybe even nearly fully in one of these photos. I'd recommend you dive right in. The water's warm. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Snapchat/Instagram