Sara Jean Underwood Deserves Her Own Planet (I’m Living There Too By the Way) (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 30, 2016


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If you think about it, life is short. So are many of life's hottest women. Coincidence? You tell me.

Sara Jean Underwood is the kind of sextastic nymphette that gets under your skin from the moment you first lay peeps upon her blonde petite but buxom body and never ever lets go. It's a consistent, ceaseless, string of tingles that you never want to end. Often, I feel like I'm speaking for myself, but when I search my soul, I know I'm not.

Sara's most definitely a deserving member of our Hottest of the Hot club, now forming, single file line please, ladies. Yes, the line does run through my bedroom, how perceptive, Ms. Underwood. Sara's teats are how I imagine heaven to be. If there's nothing else there, that will be more than enough. Enjoy.

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