Sara Jean Underwood Crazy Hot and Barely Dressed in Hawaii

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bill-swift - January 28, 2017

I'm sure I'm in the minority here in thinking that a trip to Hawaii with Sara Jean Underwood and a few skimpy items of apparel for half-naked nature shoots might just be one helluva a memorable trip. Imagine spending days hiking and fishing and surfing and suntanning with Sara changing in and out of tiny bikini bottoms or nothing at all? How horrible.

The blessedly buxom and blonde hot minx made her way clearly to the islands for a little green backdrop sextastic visual wonderment production time. There's something quite perfect about ogling Sara out in the freshness of nature. Like the idea of a bed wouldn't even cross your mind. This fauna seems quite comfy. Or is that flora? Either way, lets make love until the nene birds wake us with their horrible breath. I'm so down with this idea, Sara. I can rent equipment, you know, if you let me borrow your card. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Instagram/Snapchat