Sara Jean Underwood Amazing Bottomside Happiness

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bill-swift - October 5, 2017

In case you've been living under a rock these past few years, and I'm not putting it down, I spent several years residing under a rock, you may not have known that the blessedly hot blonde minx Sara Jean Underwood took over ownership of Instagram with her wicked hot little body. It's a fact.

Sara teases, tempts, and corrupts the easily corrupted minds of men and Sapphic leaning women with her evergreen and ever enduring visual testaments to the female body sextastic. Lots of bare booty and showy top photos set in nature, because somebody needed to come along and make nature more interesting. One wicked smoking hot blonde showing off her derriere ought do that trick but fine.

While there are so many fun parts to this damsel who causes appendage distress, her rump side goodness is the focus today. She shares it, shows it, and now we harness its power as ogling gentleman to find the end point of all this stressing kinetic energy. Trust that this will happen as you peruse her booty. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram