Sandra Kubicka White Bikini Hottie In Miami

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bill-swift - April 6, 2016

The lack of sunshine in Miami did little to thwart the scintillating hotness of Polish lingerie and swimsuit model Sandra Kubicka to shine through at least to the distance of the many gentleman oglers on the beach with their towels over their laps and their binoculars to their peeps pretending to be categorizing seagulls for a NatGeo project. You really do need a solid cover story if you're going to be among the more successful peeping Toms in this world. Consider wearing a fake badge or lanyard. Just have it read 'Official' and you can get away with an awful lot.

Sandra was all kinds of perfectly tanned and crazy lean hot bodied in her little white bikini, showing off her sweet teats and one tightly honed and heavily worked out bottomside. It's amazing what the ladies can do these days with all the knowledge of advanced gluteus maximus training. Entire workouts devoted to turning the derriere into a wonderland of fantasies and faptastic inspirations. Sandra, consider us thusly inspired. We love bikini candids even more so than staged photos. Ever so much more tingle inducing. Linger for a while, there's so much more preening left to do in that two piece. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash