Sandra Kubicka Bikini Beauty in Miami

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bill-swift - May 31, 2017

Polski hot Victoria's Secret model and all-around blonde go-getter and maker of fatpastic views, Sandra Kubicka, took some down time in Miami on the beach in a bikini. Not working, but still working it.

The young 20-something model has that casual way of making men drop like flies, largely from the whiplash of cranking their necks to catch her lovely Euro lady curves walk by in a two-piece. She has it, she flaunts it, she knows you want it. There's a quiet confidence in that knowledge I'm quite certain. As there is in ogling this sweet cheeks from near and afar. As in, I'm confident I'll be dreaming of Sandra's tush in that whale tail many times this evening. Lust inducing bikini models, may they never wane. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News