Sandra Kubicka Barely Covered Lingerie Tease

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bill-swift - March 9, 2016

Be still my Polski hottie lusting heart. Okay, enough of being still. Who can not experience a BPM spike when feasting peeps upon the smoking hot body of Sandra Kubicka, often seen in swimwear, now in barely covering little lacy bits of lingerie as if she was testing out the very limits of your circulatory system and the various endpoints.

Featured in this Beth Studenberg epic hot photoshoot, the sextastic brunette shows off her Four B': boobtastic, booty, and then two other things I'm sure are important but I'm kind of going to need another few days on just the first two. What a wonderful entry point into an endless fantasy about coming home to find Sandra in a bra and panties or just panties rolling around on your Ikea bed explaining how you're being broke and unshaven makes her so horny. Hey, it's my dream and I set the rules. Sandra, you are too lust inducing for mere words. Let me play you a love song on my tuba and watch you fade into hopeless bliss. It's all about the spit valve. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Beth Studenberg