Sandra Bullock Saving The Animals From California Hell

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elliot-wolf - November 16, 2018

But what about the animals? Don’t get me wrong, most people can be self-centered pieces of poo, but there’s just something slightly sociopathic about people that admit they enjoy the company of animals more than people. You know who they are because they often out themselves like a vegan at Ruth’s Chis. I always have steered clear of any colleague that offers to give me the Cliff Notes from their meaningful one-sided conversation with their German Shepard from the day before. Sandra Bullock is probably something of Dr. Dolittle herself as she donated 100K to help save all of the pets in California those rich assholes left behind when they fled. It would be a shame if Miley Cyrus came back to not only a burned home, but also a barbecued pet peacock as well.

Sandra Bullock reached deep into her pockets in order to help save the animals that are at risk in the ongoing California wildfires.

The Humane Society of Ventura County, California (HSVC), announced on Sunday that it was “deeply humbled” by a $100,000 donation that came from the Oscar winner and her family.

On a serious note, I’m actually glad someone gives a shit about the animals and decided to give the money to any other organization promising to help that isn’t PETA. Because I know the California chapter of that place was all too joyous to unload their overloaded inventory of stray cats on death row. The head honcho of PETA  is probably plotting a way to beg for more money while eating an expensive endangered White Rhino burger paid for with your donations.

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