Sammy Mitchell Showcases Her Stunning Body On The Beach

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elliot-wolf - March 28, 2018

Sammy Mitchell needs to come equipped with a map because I’m always looking for her type. The way she’s baking in the sun while walking around in a bikini is a very seductive scene. I’d sure love to make her acquaintance, maybe even her lover if I’m lucky. She’s the closest thing to a perfect sculpture anyone will ever see. Her body belongs in a museum. But by the grace of god she’s showcasing her glorious figure at the beach. Her parents must have been Greek sculptors in a past life. And they deserve to be praised for crafting such an amazing woman to look at. Sammy is arguably a piece of art in human form.

Mitchell is undoubtedly an empress of some kind. If she needs a kingdom to rule she’s more than welcome to visit my area. I’d give her the keys to my castle any day. I’d have no choice but to wait on such a beautiful woman hand and foot. My throne is now her throne. Hopefully after serving her well she decides to take me by her side to rule together as emperor. Then we could sell my pickup truck and ride noble steeds into town as everyone marvels at our majestic union on horseback.

Photo Credit: Splash News / Backgrid USA