Samantha Hoopes Uses Hot Looks and Hot Dogs to Sell Burgers (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - June 13, 2015

How much does sex sell? Well, outstandingly hot Samantha Hoopes of SI Swimsuit and wicked hot body fame is counting on it being enough to convince you to eat a hamburger with a hot dog and chips buried inside. I mean, sober. Naturally, after a round or six of Hamm's, that all sounds pretty-doable.

Samantha scored the latest Carl's Jr. burger add by pulling off the act of shoving this behemoth in her mouth without everybody on set making obvious jokes. Or maybe they did. I'd punch them all for you, Samantha, for just the chance to be the guy who helps you fit that meat in your mouth. No puns. Enjoy.

Check out a video of our favorite hot Fox News reporter Diana Falzone interviewing Samantha Hoopes about how good her sex sells!