Samantha Hoopes And Tanya Mityushina Heavenly Hot Bikinis Leaving Their Miami Hotel

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bill-swift - February 19, 2016

When you're a bikini model, you're work is never truly done. Samantha Hoopes and Tanya Mityushina are among the many pro style young amazingly hot bodied bikini models working double shifts of sextastic shoots in Miami this week, flowing like a river of sweet honey in and out of Miami Beach hotels and onto the sandy shores for shoots. It's like witnessing the most passion inducing migration ever. No swallows. A shame.

Samantha was decked out in her shorts and bikini top as you do when you're blonde and statuesque and your body is udder perfection. I might have ogled her for hours had not Tanya and her blessedly fine female form come long in a little black number showing off her boobtastic and fun bikini lady parts of the highest order. Talk about a neck cranking experience. One for the left eye, one for the right. Somebody get me some Advil. And the plastic sheets. This is going to be some afternoon. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash