Samantha Hoopes Amazing Bikinis For World Swimsuit

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bill-swift - March 3, 2016


Samantha Hoopes burned up the page of the SI Swimsuit edition and wasted no time taking her tall and perfectly curvaceous female bikini form back to work for World Swimsuit, showing off her tremendous body and booty and generally making Neptune weep he can no longer take human form.

Every time Samantha holds her own fine racktastic I get a little more jealous of her hands. As if just owning them full time wasn't enough, now she gets to caress her own fine funbags as part of her paid work. That's better than my job by two full sized mammaries. Oh, Samantha, come and pick me up in your arms and carry me away to your mountain top retreat where my screams of exhalation shall echo across the valley, scaring away much of the natural wildlife. You could put a pillow over my mouth but if you just use your booty I will write you a very nice thank you note. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: World Swimsuit