Samantha Gradoville Cleavtastic Seduction In Lingerie

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bill-swift - August 1, 2015

Samantha Gradoville models a selection of sexy lingerie just for you. Well, for the collective you not you specifically. She shows off her hot body in a variety of tasty items. My favorite is the black and white number in which she's pulling one of the straps down slightly. Oooh, that's hot. I do love a nice tugging on underwear pic, don't you? Samantha has a righteous pair of funbags that really fill out those bras. But she's more than just an amazing rack. She's also really beautiful, like for serious. She's got the kind of face you want to take home to mom and the kind of body you don't want mom to know about. At least not what you do to it. That's naughty.

What I love about lingerie is that unlike bikinis that really only can be worn certain times of the year, sexy lingerie is a year round thing. It's a perennial chub maker, if you will.  

Photo Credit: Twin-Set