Sam Mendes is Probably Going to Direct ‘Bond 24’

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bill-swift - May 30, 2013

Well that was a harrowing couples of days of studio-rumor-wank. For a few days, we thought that Christopher Nolan was going to bring all his Dark Night-y goodness to the Bond franchise. We were having some great daydreams about Nolan's museAnne Hathaway getting back in a spandex jumpsuit.

Then, a few days later, Variety threw a crazy shortlist out there. It included some fanboy wet dreams like Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, anyone?) and some in-the-now choices like Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), Ang Lee (Life of Pi), Tom Hooper (Les Misérables), and David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows). That gave us several hours to think about how ridiculously amazing Shane Black's Bond would be. Seriously, think about it for a second. Amazing, right?

And now Deadline is reporting that Sony and MGM are all, "Hey Sam Mendes, y'think you can come back and print us more Skyfall-like dollar bills?" And reportedly, he's taking their calls.

So there it is: Mendes will probably direct the next Bond and we can all go back to pondering more important things like Anne Hathaway in spandex.

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