Salma Hayek Learned This Trick From Her Dogs!

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Echo Lawrence - January 13, 2021

Salma Hayek is still on her never ending-vacation, because that's the point of a never-ending vacation, it never ends. The actress has been spending most of her trip in different bikinis from her collection, which she's let us see in a few of her Instagram photos. She also seems to own a lot of stylish beach cover-ups, which makes sense, you know, with the never ending-vacation and all.

Today, Salma is checking in from the beach in what looks like some sort of mangrove she swam out of and shows us a trick she says she learned from her dogs. I guess that is one way of drying off, like how they say you should shake your hands at least 12 times after washing them to get the excess water off or whatever... Shake it Salma!


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