Salma Hayek Cleavetastic All Wet and Wanton on Set in Los Angeles

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bill-swift - November 6, 2014

I'm not sure what Salma Hayek was shooting in Los Angeles with her sweet notorious funbags almost falling out of her top, I just know I'm ready to buy it. Movie, TV, commercial for urinary tract infections. I'm on it for five dozen on pre-order. The smoking hot Latina was all wet and low cut dress in the bathtub looking as she fumbled to keep her ta-ta's from falling out of her dress top. Oh, that she could have just let that one, or two, go. The glory we'd be seeing this morning.

I'm not sure how Salma Hayek keeps on keeping on so damn hot year after year. I suppose it's something billionaire husbands do tend to look for in a spouse. The same with broke gentleman oglers. Veteran hotties who seem to be getting more alluring and bustier by the day. Oh, Salma, come jump in my pool in a low cut dress. It's an inflatable so you technically have to jump up and into the pool, but I'll fill it with Evian just for you. Mi amor. Enjoy.