Salami Notes for Your Not-so-Hammy Messages

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bill-swift - October 30, 2013

Ham is awesome, but it can't beat bacon. Somewhere in the middle of those two choice meats is salami. Salami has a zing to it that ham definitely doesn't have. It's also got it's own unique smoke and spice going on that bacon doesn't have, putting it on a league of its own.

While you can't have salami every day, you can dish out salami notes anytime you want to. Each stack of these realistic paper-thin notes looks like the high-quality cured meat with just the right amount of paper fat packed on it. It looks so good, you'll wish it were real. The notes come packed with the rind left on and with the traditional deli netting.

Now the only thing left to do is to get the real deal.

Get It: $11

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