Sailor Brinkley Cook’s Barely There Bikini in Miami

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Mitch Jablonski - March 5, 2019

Christie Brinkley and her fourth ex-husband Peter Cook had two children, and the younger of the two, Sailor Brinkley Cook, looks to be following her mom into the world of modeling. She took the world by storm when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue last year, carrying on the proud Brinkley family tradition, and now she's stopping traffic once again with this teeny bikini in Miami.

Sailor's name would indicate that she's the type of lady comfortable around water, the kind who doesn't suffer land lubbers gladly, I'll tell you that much. She's a beach baby, born and bred, and her name is all the indication you need of the type of life you'd lead if you lived with Sailor Brinkley Cook.

So chart a course for sexiness with Sailor's sexy barely there bikini in these pics and you'll be on the high seas in no time. You might want to have something handy to, uh, swab the deck afterwards, if you catch my drift. We don't need this cruise to get off to a bad start, though when Sailor Brinkley Cook is pointing the way, there is nothing bad to be seen. What a time to be alive!

Photos courtesy of MEGA