Sacha Parkinson Bikini Pictures For Your Lesbionic Leering Pleasure

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bill-swift - July 21, 2011

When one very sexy half of the Coronation Street teen power lesbionic couple goes on a bikini vacation, oh yeah, we notice.

Sacha Parkinson, the blonde half of the Parkinson and Brooke Vincent girl-on-girl dreamy couple awesomeness from the popular British soap, took to some free time in Cyprus the past several days, flaunting her nineteen-year-old bikini body on the sand and in the drink, and, most importantly, doing so within the telescopic viewfinders of the paparazzi. It's not so much that I lust Sacha Parkinson, as it is I wish to watch her lusting Brooke Vincent in something more of what you might call a more 'graphic Sapphic' environment. Perhaps, someday, when life is fair, television will portray the making of the sexy between two young women with all the due respect and proper lighting it deserves. Enjoy.