‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ Launch Trailer Lets Up on the Barbarian-Stabbing a Little… Except it Doesn’t (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 21, 2013

Last time we ventured into Ryse: Son of Rome's toga-wearing, orgy-having world, a little of the game's storyline was explained. It's to be an epic tale of vengeance, warfare, pissed-off generals and those ostentatious helmets with the red feathery bits down the back. So far, so dramatic/so Gladiator.

With the Xbox One releasing this very Friday, though, all the stops must be pulled out. The shit must hit the fan. Trailers must become... launch trailers. So feast your eyes, ears and bodily orifices on this one.

Only extensive play will determine whether the relentless combat is entertaining or horribly samey, but Ryse certainly puts on a show. The glistening pectorals of the Roman legions have never looked so good (and Egotastic has never been so homo-erotic). It's every inch the visual powerhouse, and perhaps the most graphically impressive of all the next-gen launch titles. Take a look above, as a freed female barbarian causes all manner of problems for our manly-skirt-wearing friends.

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