Russian Hitman 60 Seconds Prank: What Would You Do? (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 20, 2013

What would you do if you have sixty seconds left to live?

The latest viral prank video by YouTuber VitalyzdTv has victims mulling over that question in sheer terror before ending their misery. Dressed in a sharp black suit, with black gloves and sunglasses, this supposed Russian will walk up to you and utter a chilling sentence that would change your life, no doubt--if he were really a hitman, that is.

Your life. Your choice. You have sixty seconds.

I would run. Run like the wind and never look back, while (optionally) flailing my arms around wildly and screaming my head off. But then that'd probably make it easier for him to track me and come find me later on...

It's crazy though, because the briefcase Vitaly drops by the people contains a buttload of cash. Don't try to attempt this same prank in your neighborhood though, because Vitaly was arrested after one terrified victim sicced the cops on him, who arrested him for a bomb hoax.

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