Run, Jennifer Garner, Run

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bill-swift - November 12, 2013

It's got to be tough knowing your being followed by cameramen on your jogs. Personally, I'd have to go more than fifty feet at a time before taking my ten minute slow walking smoke breaks. You just need to keep up appearances for the public. Jennifer Garner doubly so being a hot mom and former TV star sextastic thespianic.

So Jen knew full well she had to look good in her workout wardrobe (check) and had to spring through the streets of Santa Monica like an insane workout queen. Now, after birthing the ten to twenty Affleck kids, Jennifer isn't perhaps as long and lean as her Alias former self, but she's still got the 'Soul' going on and on. Lust lingers long in the heart, and even longer in the pantaloons. Enjoy.