Rumor Willis Booty Bursting In Fishnets For Cabaret Performance

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bill-swift - December 25, 2014

Rummer Willis is the latest hottie to assume the fishnet stockings and bustier to be in Cabaret. As a person who wasted my parent's money on a theater degree, I can tell you that Cabaret is one sexy show. This is especially true if you get someone like Rummer Willis for the main role. She's got the knockers to fill out the iconic slinky lingerie called for in the script. Lucky for all of us she inherited a lot more from her milftastic mom Demi Moore than she did from her dad Bruce Willis. Can you imagine if a female John McCain was sporting fishnets? That would make for a very unpleasant night out at the theater. I hope I can get tickets to check out this show so I can see her up close and personal.

That's worth the bajilion dollars that a ticket to a Broadway show costs. Can you really put a price on ogling hot chicks in their underwear?

Photo Credit: Instagram