Rumer Willis’ Breasts Can’t Distract From Her Chin

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bill-swift - July 17, 2008

Oh Rumer Willis, you poor misguided soul. With yuor unrelenting desire to be famous, and your giant Leno chin. But what's a girl to do to get people to stop looking at her protruding jaw? Show em your boobs! And that's just what Rumer Willis did at the Power for Paws party held Monday night. It's sad, really, the lengths to which she'll go to get noticed. And who knew that at only 19, Rumer Willis' breasts are already starting to sag (or is that just the dress)? Nice try, though. A for Effort.

Who knows, maybe in her next bid for stardom, we'll see some implants, like her mom, Demi Moore got. Not that I'm advocating that. It's just a likely possibility.

Lots more of Rumer Willis' breasts' desperate attempt for attention after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash News / Getty Images / WENN