Ruh-Roh, Salma Hayek’s Husband Was Dipping His Pen in Supermodel Linda Evangelista’s Ink

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bill-swift - July 3, 2011

Begrudgingly, I must admit to admiring the boudoir behavior of François-Henri Pinault, billionaire heir to the Pinault family fashion house fortune and maker of babies with girlfriend (now wife) and super boobtastic sultry hottie, Salma Hayek, for in the very same year that he knocked up Salma, it turns out he also went unshielded into the lady dwelling of veteran supermodel Linda Evangelista, and produced yet another love child. While I don't condone such reckless adventures on foreign soil, I've got to admit, Francois, dude, I want to party with you. If you're going to brag to your buddies about consortial conquests, best remember the high mark set by Francois and his potent pen.

(Check out the UK Daily Mail for all the illicit baby mama drama details)