Cracklin’ Rosie Jones for Lara Intimates

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brian-mcgee - September 19, 2017

Rosie Jones is famous for appearing in what are popularly known in the UK as "lad mags." She's gorgeous and the perfect person for Lara Intimates to go to when launching this new campaign of lingerie for 2017. 

There's so much sexiness happening in these pictures, but if pressed into picking a favorite, I would have to go with the white number. It really shows off her jugs, which are no doubt two of the greatest checkmarks in her plus column. Hell, her plus column is nothing but check marks. As for good listening music, why nothing's sweeter than Neil Diamond's immortal classic "Cracklin' Rosie."

It's a wonderful anthem for Rosie's innocent, come hither stare that just makes you stare slack jawed until there's nothing left of you but a husk of what you used to be. You imagine yourself being lucky enough to come home to that any day of the week, yet you know the truth is a cruel, cold, and humorless mistress. Thank god, for just this moment, we've got Neil, we've got Rosie, and we've got nothing but time on our hands. That's a world we can all live in for, even for just a moment.

Photo Credit: Lara Intimates Lingerie