Rosie Jones Modeling Swimsuits? Yes, We Can Get Into (or Rosie out of) Spandex

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bill-swift - February 15, 2013

While we are quite used to, and quite pleased with, ogling young hottie Britty glamour model Rosie Jones regularly without many clothes on, sometimes a hot body and an alluring smile needs to be put to more broad commercial appeal, as in Rosie's new shoot for Simply Swim and their February promotional shoot.

Let's remember, before you see a girl nekkid, you have to see them in some wardrobe (sad that they don't always magically appear au natural in my living room, as in my dreams) and you could do a lot worse than Rosie Jones model goodness in little swimsuit showing off various beach looks for the modern English woman.

We've just added a little wet skin tight stretchy material to all of our Rosie Jones fantasies. Enjoy.

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