Rosie Jones Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before — With Her Top On (Still So Hot)

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bill-swift - August 3, 2012

As you know, here at Egotastic! we know when we're truly in lust with a woman when we find ourselves gazing at her photos and she's not even nekkid. It's a sign of true and deep passion, the kind that frightened us as teenagers, but now, we've come to accept as part of the maturation process. On occasion, we can ogle women with their clothes on, some of them, some of the time.

For instance, our highly be-lusted British bouncy boobtastic babe, Rosie Jones, in her catalogue pictures for Simply Beach lingerie. Not a hint of nekkidness, yet, ever so desirable. Granted, we are talking sexy underthings. Still, I like to think we're growing. In fact, leering at Rosie Jones in her skivvies, we most definitely are growing. Enjoy.