Rosie Jones Funbags Gone Legit

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bill-swift - June 7, 2017

I'm man enough to admit I cried when Rosie Jones went PG-13. A decision I presume she didn't take lightly after nearly a decade from 18 on of providing glorious glimpses of her bare yum yums. The British glamour model and all-around fourth future Mrs. Swift, took a turn for the legit modeling of late and while we obviously can't give our stamp of approval to such heresy, she remains an alluring brunette we surely must cover.

Rosie's back in the U.K. Sun, this time showing off her cleavage. I've previously mapped out every inch of her mams from ten thousand earlier leering sessions. so I'm quite aware of the full effect. Consider this to be Rosie cleavetastic on a first date to the Sizzler where tops are at least recommended around the pudding bar. Rosie, I can't condone or condemn, but I can remain deep in lust for your faptastic female form. May you forever be happy, but also change you mind quickly back to topless. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: The Sun