Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Posts Smoldering Selfies In Red Hot Lingerie

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aldo-vallon - July 9, 2018

Every woman in the developed world needs to go out and get themselves that bra. I leave out undeveloped countries because I do not think they are big on bras anyway. And if money is tight then there is really no reason for them to break the bank on an unnecessary purchase. They’ll never join the first world if they keep making such irresponsible purchases based on the orders of someone online.

But I really do think women could benefit from owning a bra like that. I mean, maybe it is a normal bra and it is just the hotness of Rosie that makes it look good. I cannot really say, but if that is the case then she is doing her job as a model. She is so hot that she was able to successfully make the name Rosie no longer feel associated with O’Donnell.

If the bra was really good then they should have shown us what Rosie’s boobs look like without any support. It would really be the only way to know for sure, and that is all I care about. I just want to get to the truth of the matter.


Photo Credit: Instagram