Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Plunging Cleavage

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michael-garcia - September 15, 2016

English hottie Rosie Huntington-Whiteley went out on the town in a seriously cleavtacular dress. The neckline went down to her stomach so you got to see the entirety of the cleav. No bra could be seen. Do younger women even wear bras any more? Because judging from the pics that come across my desk every day the answer is no. At any rate, Rosie's lovely perkies look good enough to eat in that dress. Rosie is a classic example of what I've always thought about English women. They are either smoking hot like her or they look like queen Elizabeth. It's the difference between hot princess Diana and Camila Parker. But I digress. What is certain is that Rosie is one of the hottest models out there, and if she keeps dressing like this, her star can only rise.

I wonder what a man has to do to score a date with Rosie. Be rich? Famous? A duke or something? I'm very distantly related to the king of Spain, does that count? 


Photo Credit: Splash

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