Rose McGowan Topless on Facebook

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Lex Jurgen - January 6, 2015

This topless photo Rose McGowan posted on Facebook is noteworthy for two reasons. One, Rose McGowan is a forty-something woman with nice tits. That should never be overlooked. Second, everybody knows you can't show tits on Facebook. It drives The Zuckerberg into ferocious teething on his security blanket and the slaughtering of ten thousand virgins in Nairobi to balance the scales of Misogyny. It's cool, he owns the virgin farm in Nairobi so he can do what he wants with them. We've lost Facebook accounts for censors catching loose pubic hairs on Lindsay Lohan's image. There are no images of Lindsay Lohan that don't contain loose public hairs. I don't believe they were even hers. This feels a lot like a double standard, where attractive women can do as they please and pale dudes with limited potential get the shaft. I'd hate to think that Facebook was just like real life.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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