Rose McGowan Sweating in Stretch Pants to Maintain the Veteran Hot Body

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bill-swift - October 6, 2012

Maybe some of these youngsters in Hottieville can get by on just plain old-fashioned genetic advantage, but when you start titling toward 40, like veteran hot bodied actress Rose McGowan, you're working your butt off to keep your butt getting guys off (as it were). Such is the march of the sextastic celebrities in and out of gyms and Pilates studios every morning in Los Angeles, their sweaty crotches (hey, it's true, they can't shower at their gyms) packed into their stretch pants, their $5,000 designer handbags hugging their shoulders, and Egotastic! across the street with a zoom lens to search for moist cleavage and camel toe. It's really a perfect little ogling ecosystem.

See Rose's dripping wet post-workout body for yourself and feel what she goes through for your benefit. Or, feel something else to show your appreciation, Either way, enjoy.